Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (2024)

Updated 31/08/2020:
These combination door locks are valuable for moderating entry to rooms, front door entrance or specific rooms. The key code door lock suggests users an operative solution without the trouble of metal keys. The security push-button door locks are super easy to set-up.

What's A Combination Door Lock?
A combination door lock is a kind of 'keyless system' component that presents the use of a push-button 4 digit access. A few lock components have the use of emergency keys or timer delay - the sort of pin door locks utilised for some cash boxes.

: Ultraloq Touch Smart Number Lock For Door

  • Keyless Access Smart Lock Fingerprint
  • Touch Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock
  • Works With Equally Android, iOS Apps
  • Advanced Fingerprint Technology Used
  • Long Lasting, Waterproof, Dust Resistant
  • Mobile Phone Control Bluetooth v4.0
  • Heal Broken Fingerprint Lines Presented

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (1)

£155 Ultraloq Touch Smart Number Lock - Get It!

: Bravex Keyless PIN Code Door Lock Deadbolt

  • Mixture 4-8 Digits Simply No Repeats
  • Keyless Entry Keypad Deadbolt Lock
  • 304 Stainless Steel Totally Mechanical
  • Easy To Set Up - No Need For Cabling
  • Suited To Metal Or Wood Entry Doors
  • Exceptionally Challenging To Pry Open
  • Left/Right Handed And Inward/Outward

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (2)

£29 Bravex PIN Code Door Lock - Get It!

: ZKTeco Keypad External Door Lock Bluetooth

  • App Appropriate For Apple/Android
  • Grant Restricted Entry Right Any Person
  • Long Battery Life And Easy To Set-Up
  • Battery Alert On OLED And Phone App
  • Keypad Smart Digital Lock Touch Pad
  • 5 RFID Cards Bluetooth Keyless Access
  • Permits Sharing Short-Term Pass Codes
  • Lock Opens Via Bluetooth On Approach

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (3)

£149 ZKTeco Keypad External Door Lock - Get It!

: Push Button Locks That Allocate Codes

A keypad or even keypad locking system demands a PIN number to open the door. They're super easy to set-up and upkeep, and you will allocate various codes to end-users. It is easy to modify the PIN anytime, letting you quickly handle front door security access to your home.

: Touch Display Coded Lock Keypads

Several designs have defensive elements like keypads which de-activate following the wrong code continues to be entered 3/4 times. Many more recent systems have a touch display; however, many possess control keys. Keyless door locks are also combination key locks involving just PIN digits.

: Smartphone App, Or Remote Control?

Nowadays, keyless and Wireless smart locking mechanisms are probably the most well-liked choices. They permit you to connect with the locks over the WiFi net connection so that you can moderate your electronic keypad door entry locks from any place via a smartphone App or remote control device.

: Wireless Bluetooth Smart Door Opening

Countless smart coded locks supply Wireless Bluetooth capacity which can immediately open the doors once you get inside a particular range. It's also possible to have the ability to use your mobile phone or even key fob and touch the sensing unit to open the front door.

: Which Home Or Business Keypad Lock?

When deciding on any keyless combination lock door knob, figure out is which kind of lock matches your home or business. The keypad lock is frequently effective if you do not wish to provide physical keys or entry cards. Look at the number of codes you will need as several are restricted by the quantity.

: Why Physical Keys Are Now Demoted?

Keyless external door locks will make your life as an owner of business less complicated by reducing the requirement for metal keys. They help you save time and expense as you no longer need to acquire new key access whenever someone loses one, or 'alter the lock' when somebody departs etc.

TurboLock Smart Key Code Door Lock Pad

  • Quick To Install - Includes Back-Lit Keypad
  • Smart Keyless Electronic Code Door Lock
  • Sets Up In Minutes For Right And Left Doors
  • Valuable User Password Hiding Feature
  • Safe Lock 3 Seconds Following Being Opened
  • Supersedes Most Standard Front Door Locks

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (4)

£59 TurboLock Smart Key Code Lock - Get It!

Dioche Pin Door Lock Chrome Plated Finish

  • No Electric Power Needed - Nor Keys Or Card
  • Chrome-Plated, With Superb Craftsmanship
  • Top Quality Alloy Lock Case Is Water-Proof
  • 2 To 4 Numbers Code - Interior Or Outdoors
  • Press Button Switch Your Code As You Prefer
  • Simple To Operate Mechanical Security Lock


  • Password Digit Lock
  • Indoor And Outdoor Use


  • None..

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (5)

£59 Dioche Pin Door Lock In Chrome - Get It!

Elemake Button Door Lock Left/Right Handed

  • Combination May Be 4 To 8 Digits No Repeat
  • Left/Right Handed - Open In/Outward Door
  • Mechanised Steel Numerical/Password Code
  • Elevated Security And Wear Free Pad Material
  • Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt Keypad
  • Steel 304 Excellent Hard Component Deadbolt

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (6)

£39 Elemake Push Button Door Lock - Get It!

Is Pin Code Entry Advantageous?

Benefits of using an electronic number lock for the door are there is no use for metal keys - no more the necessity to have extra keys cut. No more needing to stress on misplaced keys - just necessary keyless access. Perfect for housing or specific rooms as you can access by pressing the code numbers.

Can I Use One With An Existing Lock?

Friends and family members may use their own pass and never have to stress about changing digit codes. For fast entry, some push-button door locks employ remote controls to help you promptly access the house and can be utilised with existing lock mechanisms.

Give The Access PIN To Others

A digital keyless front door lock solution can be more costly; however, they offer you keyless efficiency. Along with a unique pin number, it is simple to operate who should get access to which entrance. Set-up is also unproblematic - but you may have issues remembering the code.

Getting Used To No Physical Keys

Digital door locks are a version of the advanced device that will not call for any keys. All you have is a pin code to open up. A few outdoor combination door locks might possess numeric code assistance.

The devices are relatively flexible like our video door entry gadgets and if you need to give access to another person - just provide them with the code.

What If I Forget The Code?

The keyless lock is trouble-free as nobody else can open up the door since mostly you are the only person who is aware of the formula. If you happen to forget the pin, a number of these coded locks have a physical override option which acts as a back-up strategy.

Because you do not need a key, then there is absolutely no physical key to be deprived of or even lose. Additionally, there is no requirement to conceal the key in any readily accessible hiding space that potential thieves may have learned about.

MultiWare Number Lock For Door Office/House

  • 14 Digit Keypad 8000 Codes 4 To 7 Numbers
  • Suited To Both Left And Right Handed Doors
  • Lock Push Option Codes Are Quickly Altered
  • Keyless Entry Door Lock Electronic Keypad
  • Ideal For Doors 35 mm And So 60 mm Thick
  • Created For Office Use, House, Room Or Flats

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (7)

£26 MultiWare Number Lock For Door - Get It!

Haifuan Keyless Front Door Lock With Remote

  • For Most Doors - Features 1 Remote Control
  • Upper Limit Of 100 Codes 120 Remote Users
  • Stay Unlocked Setting - Use Keypad Light
  • Promptly Add Or Eliminate User Pass Codes
  • Simple For Right Or Left Handle Transitioning
  • Employ A Pass Code Or The Mechanical Key

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (8)

£99 Haifuan Keyless Front Door Lock - Get It!

SPOTACT Outdoor Combi Door Lock Zinc Alloy

  • Does Not Require Battery, Pass Key Dual Use
  • Classic Style 6 Code Lock Is Ideal For Homes
  • Zinc Keyless Door Mechanised Code Locking
  • Water, Rust Immune - Set 1 To 11 Digit Passes
  • Mechanical Digital Switch Simple Functioning
  • Water-Proof And Anti-Theft - Easy To Set-Up


  • Includes 3 Years Warranty
  • Cylinder Made Of Copper


  • None

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (9)

£69 SPOTACT Combination Door Lock - Get It!

Electronic Pin Door Lock Features

Simply because the electronic door lock operates on a battery pack, the life expectancy differs through the occasions the lock awakens daily. Many of these numbered home security locks have a battery life with an average use of 12 entrances daily.

Left And Right Handed Door Entry

You can buy door locks as indicated by your requirement, nevertheless, if you are going to substitute your older lock with a brand-new keypad door entry unit, buy one that accommodates equally left/right facets. After this, you don't have to alter the entry door opening handle again.

Checking The Locking Mechanism

Mobile phones are in everybody's grasp now, and if your home lock is linked to a smartphone, then you have another security advantage. You can examine the battery position, the number of times the locking mechanism use each day, the open situation and more.

Is The Keyless Door Lock Easy To Set-Up?

Keyless front door locks include uncomplicated components like the key safe box and a manual; therefore, there is no need to invest extra cash, phone, or any particular individual to set-up the lock, you can set-up yourself. It must have clear instructions for making your job fast and straightforward too.

Door Lock Internet Smartphone Use

For those who have WiFi accessibility, you may likewise join your push-button lock together with the Internet or smartphone use. With a remote, you may access the door lock through the network from everywhere.

A smart electronic keypad lever door locking mechanism and an IP video camera both synced together with your mobile phone is likewise worthwhile.

Arrone Digital Keypad Lock Doors Button

This electronic push button keypad lock for doors mechanism is configured to extend an effortless and easy to operate way of offering moderate safety for low up to moderate traffic regions.

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (10)
  • Hollow Latch Device Containing 60mm Back-Set
  • Small Sized Conception Is Effortless To Set-Up
  • Spindle May Be Cut Back To Accommodate Door
  • Twin Functionality Hold Back Feature On Or Off
  • Two-Handed Appropriate For Equally Left, Right

It features an incomparable optional hold in purpose sporting a two-sided snib upon the back-plate, affording the option of keeping open or perhaps always locked up.

An effortless mechanical press button electronic resolution where ease along with convenience of function are dominant. Just right for regions that demand restricted, however handy access.
[Rating: 9/10] £23 Get It → Arrone Digital Keypad Lock

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (11)

SignStek Digital Push Button Door Lock

Elegant looks and intelligent construction, secure as well as dependable, this extremely easy to function push button door lock is desirable for work place, household and in addition your flat.

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (12)
  • 6 x Fastening Screws Plus Jamb Container
  • Appropriate For Interior And Open-Air Usage
  • Press Virtually Any Electronic Key To Open
  • Readjusting Functionality + User Instructions
  • Reduced Battery Alerting Procedure Included
  • Strike Plate And Emergency Electrical Power

Concerning the password, you will find ten passwords which includes 1 master pass-phrase and in addition 9 sub passwords which are entirely effortless to control.

Alter your 'master password' including sub passwords as you wish. It comes with 6 months guarantee along with 30 days cost free return and cash back warranty.
[Rating: 9/10] £49 Get It → SignStek Digital Door Lock

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (13)

CodeLocks SG Coded Door Lock Encode Card

This is a lightweight and strong mortice coded door lock containing twin back-plates. This latch is spring charged and is going to lock instantly whenever the door is shut.

The door latch bolt possesses a dead locking system plunger function to forestall illegitimate 'shimming' of the door latch.

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (14)
  • Door Latch Support Post Plus Encode Card
  • Electronic Auto Push Lock Chamber Mortice
  • Non-Obligatory Hold Open Plus Non Hold Feature
  • Set-Up Plus Programming Functioning Guide
  • Spring Charge Spindle Door Latch 60mm Backset

Use in closets inside trade areas, sheds, doorways or even cupboards in your household. Presented with unselected unregistered codes, effortlessly alter the code by complying with the clear manual supplied.
[Rating: 9/10] £28 Get It → CodeLocks Coded Door Lock

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (15)

Coded Lock To Match Door Colour/Style

Several keyless number locks for doors are available in many different colours - and it may be challenging to make a decision. It's considerably better that you receive a specific colour that fits your residence overall look and door colour to really make a choice easier.

Set Combination Lock Codes For Others

All combination push-button door locks will need you to insert a pin code to open the entrance door. They are incredibly unproblematic to attach and permit you to set-up distinct pin codes for varied persons, so you comprehend who is coming and leaving.

Outdoors Combination Door Locks For Easy Secure Entry

There are smart pin door lock resources like keypad deadbolts which usually have a handle or button, and some deadbolts with a group etc. Virtually all have an optional linked accompaniment to your various other smart home security devices.

Yale PIN Code Door Lock Touch Pad WiFi

This particular Yale room access locking PIN code door lock is expedient, uncomplicated and well-informed. It delivers simple to expend access command utilising a PIN code instead of a key.

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (16)
  • 3 Minute Lock When Code Inserted Wrongly 5 Times
  • Codes Plus Arranging Persists If Batteries Put Back
  • Includes Touch Display Screen Keypad WiFi Battery
  • Retro-Fits With The Majority 60mm Night Door Latch
  • Touch Display Yale Key-Less Electronic Lock Chamber


  • Z-Wave Module
  • Built In Encryption


  • Price

Perfect for several entrance doors, for example flats, work place blocks, staff spaces and so forth. It is finished with a Y3 chrome night-time door latch and appropriate for retro corresponding to the majority of 60mm back set door latches.

A fashionable blue back-lit display screen lights up to expose the numbers, and is just right for nightly function.
[Rating: 9/10] £89 Get It → Yale PIN Code Door Lock WiFi

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (17)

AllSafe Weather Resilient Keypad Door Lock

This code powered keypad entry door lock is great for individuals who would like to ensure admittance to 'approved' people via a door by utilising a code.

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (18)
  • 100 Controlled End User Codes Plus 12 Volt DC
  • Approve Entrants Through Doorway Utilising Code
  • Fabricated From Plastic And Entirely Programmable
  • For Individuals Who Prefer Controlled Admittance
  • Functions The Optional Locking Mechanism Release

The interior keypad can accommodate as much as 100 codes, built from ABS and is entirely programmable as a consequence, plus surface area mounted.

Complete surface attachment keypad 100 controlled end user codes, 12 volt DC and clocked locking mechanism electrical relay incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10] £69 Get It → AllSafe Keypad Entry Door Lock

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (19)

Briton Door Combination Lock Press Button

The Briton electronic door combination lock system is a sturdy, hard-wearing dependable model that delivers complete with door latch plus strike plate.

This electronic room access lock is flawless for reduced volume manipulation inside just about any area. It possesses an incomparable optional hold open feature sporting a two-sided snib upon the back plate.

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (20)
  • 5 Years Warranty - Incorporates Optional Hold
  • All Components And Fastenings Are Included
  • Door Latch Including Non-Obligatory Snib + Keep
  • Effortless Code Alteration Mechanics Included
  • In-Built Tubular Door Latch Device 60mm Back-Set
  • Two-Handed Appropriate For Left Plus Right Hand

An easy automatic button operated digital resolution for applications wherever simplicity as a consequence of use are predominant.

Ideally appropriate to spaces that demand controlled, however easy to operate admittance, for example office staff, shops, along with storage rooms and so forth.
[Rating: 9/10] £84 Get It → Briton Door Combination Lock

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (21)

A protected and accessible smart electronic key code door lock makes the perfect choice to regular keys. They accomplish a keyless entry 4 digit code rather than an 'easily misplaced key' to safeguard rooms, homes, shops, work locations, storage spaces and so forth.

With a quick admittance control, these functional coded locks and programmable press button outdoor combination door locks work via a straightforward keypad number entering solution.

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With this article, there's quite a bit to unpack about combination door locks. These locks offer a keyless entry system, replacing the need for traditional keys with a push-button access method using numeric codes. They come with various features, from Bluetooth connectivity to fingerprint technology, enhancing security and convenience.

Let's break down the concepts and devices mentioned in the article:


  1. Combination Door Locks: These replace traditional key systems, using push-button access with a numeric code.

  2. Keyless Entry: Eliminates the need for metal keys, providing access through codes or smartphone apps.

  3. Push-Button Access: Numeric code-based access through a keypad or touchscreen.

  4. Wireless Connectivity: Enables control of locks over WiFi, allowing remote access via smartphone apps or other devices.


  1. Ultraloq Touch Smart Number Lock: Utilizes fingerprint technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and is durable against environmental factors.

  2. Bravex Keyless PIN Code Door Lock Deadbolt: Offers a simple setup, stainless steel build, and high resistance to tampering.

  3. ZKTeco Keypad External Door Lock Bluetooth: Features Bluetooth connectivity, RFID cards, and provides restricted entry rights.

  4. TurboLock Smart Key Code Door Lock Pad: Offers easy installation, back-lit keypad, and quick locking after being opened.

  5. Dioche Pin Door Lock Chrome Plated Finish: Requires no electric power, offers chrome-plated finish, and operates with a simple mechanical code.

  6. Elemake Button Door Lock Left/Right Handed: Allows for 4 to 8 digit codes, left/right-handed use, and employs steel 304 for durability.

  7. MultiWare Number Lock For Door Office/House: Suited for both left and right-handed doors, with a wide range of code combinations.

  8. Haifuan Keyless Front Door Lock With Remote: Supports up to 100 codes, remote control access, and a stay unlocked setting.

  9. SPOTACT Outdoor Combi Door Lock Zinc Alloy: Doesn't require batteries, offers a classic design, and is water and rust-resistant.

  10. Yale PIN Code Door Lock Touch Pad WiFi: Connects through WiFi, has a touch display, and retro-fits with most door latches.

These devices vary in terms of features, connectivity, and resistance to environmental factors, catering to different security needs and preferences. The article discusses how these locks enhance security, provide convenience, and offer flexibility in managing access to spaces without the need for physical keys.

Best Combination Door Lock UK With PIN Entry Number (2024)


What is the most popular lock in the UK? ›

Standard Yale and Yale Type Locks (Latch Locks)

One of the most common types of lock used in the UK is the Latch lock (also known as a night-latch lock).

Is Schlage or Yale better? ›

Safety: The Nest x Yale has a Level 2 safety rating and the Schlage Connect has a Level 1 safety rating. Access Codes: The Nest x Yale can generate 20 codes at one time, while the Schlage Connect can be programmed with 30 unique codes. Key Function: The Nest x Yale has no keyhole, so mechanical keys cannot be used.

What is the most secure door lock? ›

Deadbolt door locks are the most secure type of key lock and are commonly used on exterior house doors. Single and double cylinder locks are classified by strength from Grade 1 to Grade 3. Grade 1 is the highest and provides the best security.

What is the British standard for door locks? ›

BS3621 is a lock standard by British Standards Institute (BSI) for thief-resistant locks, BS-3621 locks are found on some front and back doors in the home and it's a good way to check that your security is up to standard. This is why some insurance companies require door locks are fitted to BS 3621 British Standard.

What is the standard door lock in the UK? ›

Here are a few of the most common ones you may want to keep an eye out for and what they mean: BS3621 – This is the most popular British Standard for locks fitted to doors. This standard is often specified for a home's outside doors (front and backdoors).

What is better than Schlage? ›

Both Schlage and Kwikset locks can be picked. As a matter of fact there are hardly any locks that cannot be. However, the cylinder tolerance in the Kwikset locks is much greater than the Schlage tolerance, making the Kwikset deadbolt hardly a challenge to pick.

Why is Schlage better than Kwikset? ›

Schlage locks tend to be more expensive than Kwikset due to its superior security features, durable materials, tight tolerances, great security pins, and robust deadbolt screws. The Kwikset deadbolt is good quality, but the quality of Schlage housing and door locks justifies the higher cost.

Is Schlage or Kwikset better? ›

When it comes to picking locks, Schlage also wins hands down. Schlage locks come with a lower cylinder tolerance and have 4 security pins, as opposed to 2 for Kwikset locks. All this makes Schlage locks virtually impossible to pick, unless by serious professionals that need to take a considerable amount of time.

What are the best locks to keep burglars out of your house? ›

Best door locks
  • Medeco Maxum. : Best for security.
  • Schlage B60N626. : Easiest installation.
  • Wright Products Serenade Mortise Set. : Best for storm doors.
  • Kwikset 980 with SmartKey. : Budget pick.
  • Defender Security Door Reinforcement Lock. : Keyless pick.

Can keypad locks be hacked? ›

Keypad locks that do not use any wireless signals cannot be hacked but are usually not a lot safer than standard locks as an experienced locksmith can pick them. It is worth noting that having your keypad lock hacked is probably one of the least likely ways that someone will open you lockers.

What is the hardest door lock to break? ›

What Is the Most Difficult Lock to Pick?
  • Mul-T-Lock MT5+ Mul-T-Lock. ...
  • Assa Abloy Twin Combi. Assa Abloy. ...
  • EVVA MCS. EVVA. ...
  • Kaba Mas X-09. Kaba Mas. ...
  • Sargent and Greenleaf 2740B. Sargent and Greenleaf. ...
  • Yale Superior. Yale. ...
  • BiLock Exclusive. BiLock. ...
  • Chubb Detector Lock. Jeremiah Chubb.
Apr 11, 2024

What is the most secure combination padlock? ›

Disc padlocks -

With a circular design and a closed shackle, disc padlocks are one of those locks that will likely deter any attacks using drills or cutters. Crafted from high-grade, reinforced stainless steel, it's an option that offers a high degree of safety & security.

What is the most common lock in Europe? ›

Euro cylinder locks, also known as barrel locks, profile cylinder locks or pin tumblers, are a popular lock profile in Europe, with varieties to suit both internal and external use.

What is the most common front door lock in the UK? ›

Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro cylinder locks are one of the most popular door lock types in the UK. The barrel-shaped lock is predominately found on uPVC doors and composite doors. In addition, you'll find euro cylinders fitted to some mortice deadlocks and sash locks on timber or aluminium doors.

What is the most popular type of lock? ›

The 5 Most Common Types of Locks and Their Uses
  1. Deadbolt Locks. Deadbolt locks are a common, effective and cost efficient way to secure most external doors. ...
  2. Combination Locks. ...
  3. Cam Locks. ...
  4. Electronic/Stealth Locks. ...
  5. Glass Door Locks.

What is the most common keyway in the UK? ›

Standard Key Profile - This is still the most common type of keyhole shape used in the UK. This is often described as a 'Chubb Key' and refers to the type of key with a long stem which is inserted through the door handle plate and into the lock case inside the door frame.


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