Astrology Birth Chart for Terrell Owens (Dec. 7, 1973) (2024)

Date of Birth: December 7, 1973

Age: 50

Gender: Male

Birth City: Alexander City, Alabama

Birth Country: United States

Terrell Eldorado Owens, nicknamed “T.O.”, is an American former football wide receiver who played 15 seasons in the National Football League. Regarded as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time, Owens ranks third in NFL history in career receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.

Terrell Owens was born on December 7, 1973, in Alexander City, Alabama, United States. His birth geographical coordinates are 32° 56’ 38” North latitude and 85° 57’ 14” West longitude, with an altitude of 214 meters above sea level. Terrell Owens is currently 50 years old.

Astrologically, Terrell Owens falls under the Sun sign of Sagittarius, with Pisces as his Ascendant, Taurus as his Moon sign, and Capricorn as his Black Moon Lilith sign.

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Planets represent different aspects of personality, life themes, and energies within a birth chart, influencing individual characteristics, motivations, and experiences.

Planets in Signs

Planets in a zodiac sign denote how the energies and qualities associated with those planets express themselves within the context of the themes and attributes of that particular zodiac sign.
Sun15° 30’ 20” Sagittarius
Moon13° 50’ 18” Taurus
Mercury28° 21’ 23” Scorpio
Venus29° 53’ 26” Capricorn
Mars26° 11’ 37” Aries
Jupiter9° 29’ 59” Aquarius
Saturn2° 30’ 37” Cancer
Uranus26° 25’ 3” Libra
Neptune7° 28’ 37” Sagittarius
Pluto6° 31’ 51” Libra
Ceres10° 4’ 49” Capricorn
Chiron16° 34’ 2” Aries
Eros23° 46’ 36” Sagittarius
Hygiea24° 0’ 3” Aquarius
Juno6° 50’ 30” Capricorn
Pallas20° 58’ 14” Sagittarius
Vesta1° 54’ 49” Libra
Ascendant15° 33’ 19” Pisces
Black Moon Lilith12° 39’ 34” Capricorn
Midheaven21° 11’ 15” Sagittarius
North Node29° 12’ 32” Sagittarius
South Node29° 12’ 32” Gemini
Part of Fortune13° 53’ 17” Leo
Vertex23° 44’ 18” Virgo
Sunin Sagittarius15° 30’ 20”The Sun in Sagittarius in the Natal Chart is an ideal placement for a natural leader. You are attracted to spiritual and philosophical subjects and […] Read more » Moonin Taurus13° 50’ 18”The Taurus Moon in the Natal Chart makes you sensual and reasonable. You are empathetic and can be rational and down to earth. You are […] Read more » Mercuryin Scorpio28° 21’ 23”Mercury in Scorpio in the Natal Chart makes you intense and focused. You are thoughtful and communicate your strategic ideas. You are determined to succeed […] Read more » Venusin Capricorn29° 53’ 26”Capricorn Venus in the Natal Chart makes you calm and stoic in relationships. You value stability and crave security in romance. You are helpful and […] Read more » Marsin Aries26° 11’ 37”Aries Mars is a powerful placement, as Mars is this sign’s planetary ruler. You are charming and can be energetic and optimistic. You are passionate […] Read more » Jupiterin Aquarius9° 29’ 59”Aquarius Jupiter in the Natal Chart is less individualistic than the closer planets. Given Jupiter’s slow transit, the planet’s journey through Aquarius takes over a […] Read more » Saturnin Cancer2° 30’ 37”Cancer Saturn in the Natal Chart is a generational placement associated with a social mission to nurture others and create comfort and stability. You use […] Read more » Uranusin Libra26° 25’ 3”Libra Uranus in the Natal Chart indicates a generation that aspires to live up to their higher ideals. You are born at a time when […] Read more » Neptunein Sagittarius7° 28’ 37”Sagittarius Neptune in the Natal Chart indicates you are part of a generation born to help society expand. You help others grow and push boundaries. […] Read more » Plutoin Libra6° 31’ 51”Pluto in Libra in the Natal Chart indicates a generation devoted to exposing corruption within the legal system. You help society transform how it creates […] Read more » Ceresin Capricorn10° 4’ 49”Ceres in Capricorn in the Natal Chart indicates a generation committed to making others comfortable. You are sensitive to others’ needs and can be compassionate […] Read more » Chironin Aries16° 34’ 2”Aries Chiron in the Natal Chart brings passion and persuasiveness. You help others heal from old wounds by showing your strength and tapping into your […] Read more » Erosin Sagittarius23° 46’ 36”Eros in Sagittarius in the Natal Chart indicates a daring and bold approach to intimacy. You seek a partner who shares your carefree attitude toward […] Read more » Hygieain Aquarius24° 0’ 3”Aquarius Hygiea in the Natal Chart makes you stand out from the crowd for an unusual take on healing and wellness. You follow strange habits […] Read more » Junoin Capricorn6° 50’ 30”Juno in Capricorn in the Natal Chart makes you a supportive partner. You prioritize your family and work diligently to provide for your loved ones. […] Read more »

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Planets in Elements

Planets in elements denote how the fundamental energies and qualities associated with those planets interact with the elemental nature of the signs they inhabit, shaping an individual’s overall temperament and approach to life.
Fire ElementThe fire element in astrology is associated with passion and motivation. This element brings creativity and intensifies planets and natal houses. Your competitive nature comes […] Read more »Air ElementThe air element in astrology corresponds to three signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. This element is associated with new insights and perspectives. The air element […] Read more »Earth ElementThe earth element in astrology is associated with practicality and grounding. This element is associated with career and wealth. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are signs […] Read more »Water ElementAstrologers and other occultists study the water element to understand emotional healing. This element relates to love and compassion. Numerous planets in water signs in […] Read more »

Planets in Qualities

Planets in qualities signify how the inherent attributes and tendencies of those planets align with the modalities of the signs they occupy, influencing an individual’s style of action, decision-making, and engagement with the world.
Cardinal QualityThe Cardinal quality in astrology is associated with new seasons and initiative. Cardinal signs mark the equinoxes and solstices. The Cardinal modality represents the extremes […] Read more »Mutable QualityThe third Quality astrological signs are grouped into is mutable. Mutable Signs come at the end of a season. Mutable Signs are associated with flexibility […] Read more »Fixed QualityThe second Quality in astrology is the Fixed modality. Fixed Signs follow the Cardinal Signs, bringing strength and endurance. These signs build upon the foundation […] Read more »

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Planets in Houses

Planets in a zodiac house signify where in life’s areas and experiences the energies and influences of those planets are predominantly focused and expressed.
Sun18° 22’ 55” Ninth House
Moon16° 57’ 9” Second House
Mercury1° 13’ 58” Ninth House
Venus15° 55’ 40” Eleventh House
Mars40° 38’ 18” First House
Jupiter25° 32’ 13” Eleventh House
Saturn11° 19’ 23” Fourth House
Uranus40° 51’ 44” Seventh House
Neptune10° 21’ 12” Ninth House
Pluto20° 58’ 32” Seventh House
Ceres18° 53’ 34” Tenth House
Chiron31° 0’ 43” First House
Eros2° 35’ 21” Tenth House
Hygiea14° 1’ 5” Twelfth House
Juno15° 39’ 15” Tenth House
Pallas23° 50’ 49” Ninth House
Vesta16° 21’ 30” Seventh House
Black Moon Lilith21° 28’ 19” Tenth House
North Node8° 1’ 17” Tenth House
South Node8° 1’ 17” Fourth House
Part of Fortune3° 54’ 19” Sixth House
Vertex8° 10’ 60” Seventh House

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Aspects reveal the dynamic relationships and interactions between planets within a birth chart, influencing the way their energies combine and manifest in an individual’s life experiences and personality traits.

Within this birth chart, there are 16 major aspects, alongside 9 minor aspects, as well as 5 extra aspects.

Major Aspects

Major aspects highlight significant connections between planets, providing insights into key dynamics, challenges, and potentials shaping an individual’s life journey and psychological makeup.
Mars Opposite Uranus
Neptune Sextile Pluto
Sun Quincunx Moon
Mercury Sextile Venus
Mercury Quincunx Mars
Jupiter Sextile Neptune
Venus Quincunx Saturn
Venus Square Uranus
Jupiter Trine Pluto
Moon Square Jupiter
Mercury Quincunx Saturn
Venus Square Mars
Saturn Square Pluto
Saturn Quincunx Neptune
Saturn Trine Uranus
Venus Trine Pluto

Explore detailed articles on the major aspects in this birth chart, gaining deeper insights into this cosmic identity. Dive into each aspect and uncover how it shapes Terrell Owens’s life journey.

Mars Opposite Uranusorb: 0°Mars opposite Uranus in a chart typically indicates a challenging relationship between Uranus’ unconventional nature and Mars’ passionate one. A person with this aspect in […] Read more » Sun Quincunx Moonorb: 2°The Sun quincunx Moon pulls you in conflicting directions. In the Natal Chart, this aspect can challenge you to be true to yourself. You have […] Read more » Mercury Sextile Venusorb: 2°Mercury sextile Venus in a Natal Chart typically indicates a person is friendly, personable, and social. They are likely affectionate and have no problem communicating […] Read more » Mercury Quincunx Marsorb: 2°When Mercury is quincunx Mars in a Natal Chart, this typically indicates that a person is both intelligent and impulsive and that these two sides […] Read more » Venus Quincunx Saturnorb: 3°Venus quincunx Saturn in a chart typically creates difficulty expressing emotions, especially feelings of love and affection for others. There is a strong desire for […] Read more » Moon Square Jupiterorb: 4°The Moon square Jupiter in a chart can initially seem like a happy and positive influence. It might feel good for someone experiencing it, even […] Read more » Mercury Quincunx Saturnorb: 4°Mercury quincunx Saturn in a Natal Chart can create overwhelming energy in a person’s life. There may be a constant struggle between working too much […] Read more » Saturn Quincunx Neptuneorb: 5°Saturn quincunx Neptune in a chart tends to create a lot of frustration. Saturn can restrict the imaginative nature of Neptune, but Neptune can also […] Read more »

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Minor Aspects

Minor aspects represent subtler connections between planets, offering additional nuances and layers of interpretation to understand more detailed influences on an individual’s personality and experiences.
Sun Square Ascendant
Moon Square Part of Fortune
Pluto Square Juno
Sun Trine Chiron
Moon Trine Black Moon Lilith
Mercury Quincunx South Node
Venus Quincunx South Node
Saturn Square Vesta
Sun Trine Part of Fortune

Discover additional layers of meaning with this collection of articles on the minor aspects found in Terrell Owens’s birth chart. Delve deeper into these cosmic nuances to gain a richer understanding of this astrological profile.

Sun Square Ascendantorb: 0°The Sun square Ascendant in the Natal Chart creates friction between your identity and outer appearance. Your first impressions don’t align with your authentic self. […] Read more » Sun Trine Chironorb: 1°You show your wounds and vulnerability openly. You are clear about your traumas and publicly show your past wounds. You may be a guide and […] Read more » Mercury Quincunx South Nodeorb: 1°Mercury quincunx South Node in a chart typically indicates a disconnect between a person’s rational, intellectual mind and the karmic lessons they are meant to […] Read more » Venus Quincunx South Nodeorb: 1°Venus quincunx the South Node in a chart creates tension between a person’s desires for a relationship and the baggage they are carrying from the […] Read more » Sun Trine Part of Fortuneorb: 2°When the Sun trines the Part of Fortune, you are proud of your gifts and recognize your best talents. You are authentic and show your […] Read more »

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Extra Aspects

Extra aspects, though less emphasized than major or minor aspects, contribute subtle nuances and intricacies to the overall astrological interpretation, offering additional insights into an individual’s personality traits and life experiences.
Eros Sextile Hygiea
Eros Square Vertex
Hygiea Quincunx Vertex
Pallas Conjunct Midheaven
Black Moon Lilith Quincunx Part of Fortune

Explore how these extra aspects contribute to the intricate tapestry of Terrell Owens’s life path through subtler influences. Dive into each extra aspect and uncover the hidden gems that shape a unique cosmic identity.

Black Moon Lilith Quincunx Part of Fortuneorb: 1°Black Moon Lilith quincunx the Part of Fortune in the Natal Chart makes you indirect about your feelings. You are uncomfortable expressing your desires and […] Read more »

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A house starting in a zodiac sign indicates the area of life where the qualities and themes of that sign are particularly emphasized and influential within an individual’s birth chart.
First House15° 33’ 19” Pisces
Second House26° 53’ 9” Aries
Third House27° 7’ 25” Taurus
Fourth House21° 11’ 15” Gemini
Fifth House13° 57’ 46” Cancer
Sixth House9° 58’ 59” Leo
Seventh House15° 33’ 19” Virgo
Eighth House26° 53’ 9” Libra
Ninth House27° 7’ 25” Scorpio
Tenth House21° 11’ 15” Sagittarius
Eleventh House13° 57’ 46” Capricorn
Twelfth House9° 58’ 59” Aquarius
Astrology Birth Chart for Terrell Owens (Dec. 7, 1973) (2024)


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